21st Century Blues

Tim McHugh
Tim McHugh



every day I wake up and wonder where I’ve been

every time I see you I know I've found a friend

and it’s been a long long time since I understood

what it means to be alive what it means to be good…

too much information running through my brain

far too many people acting all insane

and I long for better things and I long for love

I only wanna be with you it’s really all that I’m thinking of

there’s a love but it’s breaking on my shoulders

there’s a hope but it’s bearing down on me

there’s a man with a gun and he’s on the hunt now

there’s a world but it makes no sense to me

and I’m  singing out of tune

I’m singing out of tune

there’s a hatred I’m not understanding

it’s a road but I know where it leads

there’s a world but it seems it’s catching fire

there’s a love and it’s washing over me

and I’m singing out of tune

I keep singing out of tune

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