Flaming Dove

Tim McHugh
Tim McHugh



so many years I’ve wandered so many times I’ve run

looking for my piece of heaven or just looking for some sun

didn’t know where I was going and I didn’t even care

didn’t think I’d ever find you but now your face

is everywhere

I can’t deny that in my life I’ve seen some darker years

said goodbye too many times I’ve had my share of tears

but you’ve given me a reason to finally slow things down

and now that you have come to me I feel your love all around…

you have followed me like a flaming dove

like an endless river I am drowning in your love

when I was just a little one I thought life would be so long

now I’m getting older and I see that I was wrong

fading like a day dream the time just slips away

but I wouldn’t trade for anything, for what I got…today

you have followed me…

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