Fools Like Me CD

This was a release I put together on the tail end of the Lost Poets' magical musical run back in 1999.  While a couple of the songs are complete band numbers, most of them are just me and my guitar with sparse overdubbing...many songs that I never really played live, but had a special place in my heart nonetheless.  I hope you like it. 

''Make no mistake, Fools Like Me is McHugh’s best recording to date and if all it takes are a few more ‘fools’ to help change the world, then you can count me in.''
— Joseph Ponder, The Bellingham Weekly

''Tim McHugh has the audacity to believe that his music can change the world . . . he may be right.'' — Bob Terrill, Program Director, KCSU Radio, Ft. Collins CO

SONGS: What If?, Find The Narrow Road, Like A Rainbow, Before The Light Pt. I, Before The Light Pt. II, When The Morning Came, Get Ready For The Rain, Don’t Turn Out The Light, Jed’s Gone, Coming Clean, I Still Remain, You Are The Love I Need, Take It In Today, Find The Narrow Road (Reprise) 

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"Inspiring and moving..." Allen Pierleoni - The Sacramento Bee

“'Ivan' is packed with laughs..." Ranny Green - Dog Writer's Association of America

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