Tim McHugh

The 911 Song

Tim McHugh
Tim McHugh




saw the towers when they fell down saw the ashes on the ground

heard the sirens, heard the cries while the planes fell from the skies

then I heard somebody say there's gonna be some hell to pay

a war on terror has begun and now we got Osama on the run

and as the smoke it filled the air in the backroom of some corporate lair

they made their plans for endless war and the profits they began to soar

and while the people cheered them on the freedom they once knew had gone

auctioned to the profiteers and all that they had left behind was fear

there's a face you'll never see in this at-risk democracy

he hides behind the smoke and flames ringing up his bloody gains

while leaders bow to these same kings who fill their purses and pull their strings

who tell you who must live or die why you must kiss your liberty goodbye

don't let them, don't let them take it

take it all away....