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Beyond This Divide

December, 2013.  This is a bold art-rock statement about love and war in the 21st Century.

I live by the belief that artists (regardless of their medium) are called in some way to speak truth to power. I also believe that music, when expressed honestly has a transformational quality and can thus demolish the artificial divides between human beings be they religious, political, or personal.  Beyond This Divide also demolishes the boundaries between folk and rock music in rather extreme fashion.  

The 911 Song

A statement against war profiteers backed by a grooving mix of 12-string guitar, drums and bass and electric guitar.

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Edge of Forever CD

The whole reason this album came into existence is because I wanted to do something Pete Townshend never did--throw an acoustic guitar into the Pacific Ocean.  The concept came from reading a lot of Tolstoy and feeling the creative and spiritual tension between wanting to get my music out to the world, and the need to renounce everything.  I did retrieve the guitar after the photo shoot and in a karmic twist, the water-logged guitar slammed into my shins! I think the guitar gods were sending me a strong message. Upon its release, Edge of Forever received significant airplay in the Northwest, and still holds up as the Lost Poets' signature album. The mood is brooding, the sound is groovy, and at times, it rocks. 

Regarding Edge of Forever: ''In their time, both the Alarm and the Waterboys made use of a thundering good chorus, to drive a hook home. So does Tim McHugh. One day, he could be talking to A&R people from a few major labels.'' — THE ROCKET

SONGS: Are You Real?, Edge Of Forever , My House Is Burning Down, Where Are You Now?, Brink Of Emotion, Something’s Burning, The Man Said Nothing, Redemption, Eternal Star Take Me There

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You're Not Alone CD

This album was the debut of the Lost Poets emergence on the Northwest scene.  We did an amazing tour in Alaska sponsored by the Gwich'in tribe, who have been fighting to keep the oil companies out of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  The song, Justice Will Be Done is a tribute to them and all Native American culture and has been a hit amongst Native peoples throughout the US and Canada. The song also won us an invitation to play at the 500 Year Quincentennial concert in San Francisco with Bonnie Raitt, John Trudell and others.  This album is a celebration of life and full of passion for change and hope for a better world.  Smoking Gun is a tribute to Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier and draws light on the profound injustice surrounding his case. 


You're Not Alone carries an effortless strength, clarity, and full-hearted fetch rare in music these days. The lyrics suggest a return to the folk-rock greats of a generation and more passed . . . the instrumental work is tight and fluent . . . highly recommended.'' — THE FISHWRAPPER

SONGS: You’re Not Alone, Smoking Gun, Justice Will Be Done, We’ve Got To Live Another Way, One More Sunset, Only You Can Change The World, Only You Can Change The World (Reprise), Take Back The Flag, Arctic Eyes, I’ll Be Loving You Again

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Fools Like Me CD

This was a release I put together on the tail end of the Lost Poets' magical musical run back in 1999.  While a couple of the songs are complete band numbers, most of them are just me and my guitar with sparse overdubbing...many songs that I never really played live, but had a special place in my heart nonetheless.  I hope you like it. 

''Make no mistake, Fools Like Me is McHugh’s best recording to date and if all it takes are a few more ‘fools’ to help change the world, then you can count me in.''
— Joseph Ponder, The Bellingham Weekly

''Tim McHugh has the audacity to believe that his music can change the world . . . he may be right.'' — Bob Terrill, Program Director, KCSU Radio, Ft. Collins CO

SONGS: What If?, Find The Narrow Road, Like A Rainbow, Before The Light Pt. I, Before The Light Pt. II, When The Morning Came, Get Ready For The Rain, Don’t Turn Out The Light, Jed’s Gone, Coming Clean, I Still Remain, You Are The Love I Need, Take It In Today, Find The Narrow Road (Reprise) 

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Ivan! A Pound Dog's View on Life, Love and Leashes

With wry wit, deep insight, and vivid anecdotes, Tim McHugh gives voice to the family pet and delves into the place where the canine and human hearts become one. Ivan, a mixed-breed dog-philosopher with an extreme underbite and various other deformities, chronicles his life story with keen observations about his adopted family and the people he loves, covering the life events that touch us all. Throughout his life Ivan keeps plugging forward with optimism and faith, always striving to learn from his mistakes, believing that even as he is ultimately facing old age, disease, and death, life is all the more wonderful. To Ivan, love and relationships with people are what matters most, and that if a deformed pound dog like him can find love and acceptance, anyone can. His is a lively, humorous story of hope and perseverance. click here to order on now.

Book Available now on Amazon!
Book available on Amazon!

A Day Will Come

A unique collaboration with a 20th Century Film legend from his film, THE GREAT DICTATOR.  This timeless speech is a call for humanity to rise up against the rising tide of fascism.   

A Day Will Come

This piece is a collaboration with a 20th Century film legend and timeless visionary. This actor's cry for humanity from his 1940 film THE LAST DICTATOR is more relevant today than ever. My children are featured in the chorus and the result is a powerful soul-connection stretching back across the decades - a song of inspired hope in these dark times.

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Won't Be Long 'Til Sunrise

A soundtrack for our unsettled times...

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