Tim McHugh

Edge of Forever CD - CD

The whole reason this album came into existence is because I wanted to do something Pete Townshend never did--throw an acoustic guitar into the Pacific Ocean.  The concept came from reading a lot of Tolstoy and feeling the creative and spiritual tension between wanting to get my music out to the world, and the need to renounce everything.  I did retrieve the guitar after the photo shoot and in a karmic twist, the water-logged guitar slammed into my shins! I think the guitar gods were sending me a strong message. Upon its release, Edge of Forever received significant airplay in the Northwest, and still holds up as the Lost Poets' signature album. The mood is brooding, the sound is groovy, and at times, it rocks. 

Regarding Edge of Forever: ''In their time, both the Alarm and the Waterboys made use of a thundering good chorus, to drive a hook home. So does Tim McHugh. One day, he could be talking to A&R people from a few major labels.'' — THE ROCKET

SONGS: Are You Real?, Edge Of Forever , My House Is Burning Down, Where Are You Now?, Brink Of Emotion, Something’s Burning, The Man Said Nothing, Redemption, Eternal Star Take Me There