From the recording Shadows on the Land


I see the shadows race across the land and I want to take your hand
we'll disappear before the dawn and your heart could be my song
I want to love you more than you could know it's so hard to let it show
your eyes have spoke a thousand fears have they spoke a thousand tears
and I see the sun is drifting lower in the sky about to say goodbye for one more day
and I do believe that I've been wandering all along, never see the light before the dawn
before the dawn
I wonder if our hearts could stay the same, or if changes change your name
I felt this feeling long ago like a silent winter snow
shouldn't we go barefoot in the rain just to feel our feet again
then we'll know that we're still here though our thoughts aren't always clear...
(This is the title cut of my 1989 release featuring John Weeks on violin, and Randy Omel on keyboards.   I plan to have this rare recording available on CD and Mp3 in the very near future.)