Tim McHugh


I'm a person that squeezes inspiration from every moment, turning these moments into songs and stories, poems and novels.   

I'm an English teacher at an alternative high school in Northwest Washington.  I truly love my day job inspiring young people to find their voices and creative power.

I'm a guitar player. 

I'm a committed father.  

I'm a citizen that stand in solidarity with marginalized people from all walks of life.

I am a fighter for justice, peace, and equality.

I'm a lover of nature.

I'm an introvert.

I'm an extrovert.

I'm an optimist .   

I'm a pessimist.  

I am a lover of animals. In the fall of 2011, Turner Publishing acquired the rights to publish my new book, Ivan! A Pound Dog's View on Life, Love and Leashes. This story was inspired by my former pound dog Ivan. Ivan had strong opinions on everything from war to globalization and who could be better suited to put forth a message to the world than a one-eyed, underbitten shelter dog? 




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"Inspiring and moving..." Allen Pierleoni - The Sacramento Bee

“'Ivan' is packed with laughs..." Ranny Green - Dog Writer's Association of America

"Fetch. Sit. Read."  Teri Schlichenmeyer - Eagle-Tribune