The McHughs have been working on lots of new material, and Morgan is writing some incredible songs and has just released his first solo album, Live at Mojo.  

Also, check out my blog site, A River Knows My Name.  This nature blog explores the connection between wilderness and spiritual health.     

Note below, the three videos of Morgan and I, courtesy of The Northwest Straits Foundation.  And, please support them in their quest to restore the sacred, Salish waters we know as home.  

If you haven't already, please check NOBODY KNOWS HOW TO SAY GOODBYE, our tribute to George Floyd and Black American victims of police violence.   Morgan McHugh sings lead on this haunting song written by The Lumineers:


A DAY WILL COME is a musical collaboration with a 20th Century film legend and timeless visionary featuring this actor's speech from his 1940 film THE GREAT DICTATOR - a cry for all humanity to stand together against the rising tide of fascism. The result is a powerful soul-connection stretching back across the decades - a song of inspired hope in these dark times.   Watch the video by clicking on the image below:








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